Save Old Cleburne
Welcome to "Save Old Cleburne" (SOC)
a non-profit organization founded in 1976. We are
group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of
history epitomized in the city's beautiful older homes
and town square. It's the work of a lifetime,as many
have discovered over the years.

Unlike many historic sites located in one central spot,
Cleburne's turn of the century homes are spread
throughout the city, adding beauty and character to a
variety of neighborhoods. Architectural style vary
from Victorian to Prairie Vernacular to Greek
Revival. In the years since SOC was founded, more
and more homeowners are seeing the advantages of
purchasing and restoring  older homes,and the results
have beautified numerous neighborhoods.

We hope you enjoy our site and maybe inspire you to
get involved in
"Save Old Cleburne"
or your town's treasures.
If you have an old home in Cleburne and would
like to share your homes history or your work in
progress, please e-mail us at

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