Doty -Kirkham-Fullerton
"Little Old House"
Save Old Cleburne Project
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The Little Old House
(The Doty-Kirkham-Fullerton Home)

The “Little Old House on Buffalo Street” is a historical
landmark in Cleburne. It is said to have been built between
1867-1868 when the county seat moved to this location. At
that time Buffalo Street was the “road into town” and a short
distance away from the Little House was the stagecoach stop
and within “water-totin” distance to the towns public well.
Professor W.F. Featherston built the home for his sister,
Martha Elizabeth  Featherston Doty.
The city directory shows Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Kirkham living
in the house in 1913. The Kirkham family added the stone
house in the back yard, which Mr. Kirkham used in his
business as a hatter.    

With the help of Johnson County, Johnson County Historical
Commission, Save Old Cleburne and you, we hope to make
this house available to the public in the future.

We thank you for your support.